Quail Hollow Elementary School Community Council

September 24, 2020; 7:45-9:00am
Location: Quail Hollow Media Center
Members Present: Mr. DeMill, Mrs. Emily Decker, Cherie Sadowski, Melinda Rosevear, Chelsea Morgan, Pat Passey.  Excused: Ashley Anderson


  1. Welcome
  2. Review of Bylaws/ Rules of Order
    1. A question was asked by Cherie about the number of parents on SCC and if there could be more than five. Mr. DeMill said that according to the SCC Bylaws there should only be five parents. But if the council would like to amend the Bylaws to allow more parents, that can be a discussion item we can address as a council. Mr. DeMill also stated that any parent can come to SCC meetings and listen or present some info but would not be able to vote on any items if a vote was needed.
  3. Election of Officers:

Chair: Ashley Anderson –  Motion  by Melinda R., 2nd Cherie S., Passed

Vice Chair: Melinda Rosevear – Motion by Emily D., 2nd Pat P., Passed

Secretary: Pat Passey – Motion by Emily D, 2nd Cherie S., Passed

  1. 2020-21 Meeting Schedule Plan: 7:45am on Tuesdays

October 20, November 17, December 15, January 19, February 16, March 16, April 20, and May 18

  1. SCC Trainings presented by the District are required, watch for information regarding specific dates and links.
  2. Emergency drills for the year: Sept. fire; Oct. lockdown; Nov. bomb threat; Dec. staff training active shooter; Jan. fire; Feb. shelter in place; Mar. staff training hazardous materials; April earthquake; May public health. It was suggested that an earthquake drill be added to the fall calendar.
  3. SCC Outreach – Mr. DeMill will update the website, photos of SCC will be taken October 20. Minutes and agendas will be posted there.
  4. Communications – Mr. DeMill will write an email, mentioning openings for intervention aides and substitute teachers currently exist. Parents may not volunteer in classrooms at this point, but may help with paperwork.
  5. School Land Trust expenditures may include a digital citizenship program. Melinda Rosevear volunteered to help format a program. Mr. DeMill will share the School Digital Citizenship Plan in the October meeting and see if any funds are available for this.
  6. There was a discussion about what the Friday virtual learning opportunities might be. More information will be shared soon.
  7. Motion to adjourn Pat P., 2nd Melinda R. passed 9:00am
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