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Quail Hollow School Community Council

October 26, 2022

Conference Room of Quail Hollow 7:50 am

Members present: Joshua Allen, Mike Sax, Breanne Coccimiglio, Elysia Forsgren, Samantha Avery, Cherie Sadowski, Liza Edgell, Samantha Madej, and Betsy Crowther, Shad DeMill


Welcome: Sam Avery

Minutes from the September meeting were approved online.

The membership and contact information for this years’ SCC was updated on the school website along with the meeting schedule ahead of the October 20th deadline. Members reviewed the information for accuracy. The spelling of Liza Edgell’s last name will be corrected.

The council revisited the request to have additional signs regarding dog waste and leash requirements posted at the school. Mr. DeMill commented other area schools had also voiced concern over waste to the district. The district is reviewing the requests for additional signs. Previous discussion about SCC providing dog waste bags was discouraged however it would be acceptable if parents and/or the surrounding community provided dog waste bags to encourage dog owners to pick up after their dogs. Some parents at the school have voiced concern over dogs not being on leash although signage at the school states dogs should be always on a leash.  Mr. DeMill indicated the district did not yet have a decision on whether new signs would be provided.

The council reviewed the previous year’s LAND trust plan and how the money was spent. It was noted that $5,000 was carryover from 2020 in addition to the $69,000 dispersed for 2021. The money was used to fund interventionists, support professional development for teachers and for MTSS personnel for behavior support for students and supplies, which agreed with the 2021 plan. Mr. DeMill will review the LAND trust report with the council at the November 18th meeting.

The council independently reviewed the School Safety report and Digital Citizenship information provided by the district online prior to the meeting to allow more time for discussion. Several concerns were discussed including playground safety, exterior door and classroom door locking procedures related to active shooter and shelter in place protocols, digital safety, and social and emotional health of students. The council identified the most concerning issue regarding school safety was social and emotional health of students.

Teachers and staff indicated increased levels of anxiety were noticeable at all grade levels. The SCC is willing to allocate available funds to support teachers and student in social and emotional health through the follow ways: provide mental health support for teachers, host a parent night focused on social behaviors and emotional health, and provide reference materials to support all Quail Hollow teachers in navigating social and emotional issues within their classrooms. Mr. DeMill will request input from teachers on ways to support the mental health and social behaviors for students. Mike will reach out to community contacts in the field of social and emotional health to identify a professional willing to lead the parent night. The council indicated the parent night should occur earlier than March such that parents and teachers have more time and opportunities throughout the year to utilize information shared. January was suggested and agreed upon.    

It was noted the peace path painted on the black top using stencils was blurry. Elysia offered to touch up the words using black paint.

The HERO award google form was sent to the subcommittee for final review and distribution. Note cards will be placed in the main office to encourage parents to submit nominations for teachers and staff deserving of the award. Three winners will be selected from the nominations after the November 4th nomination deadline. Award will be distributed on November 18th following the SCC meeting.

Motion to adjourn at 9:10am by Sam, seconded by Mike, passed.

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