Quail Hollow Elementary School Community Council

October 20, 2020
Location: Quail Hollow Media Center
Members Present: Mr. DeMill, Mrs. Emily Decker, Ashley Anderson, Melinda Rosevear, Cherie Sadowski, Pat Passey and Chelsea Morgan.

Agenda Minutes

Welcome – Ashley Anderson

Approval of minutes from Sept. 24 – Motion, Melinda R.; Second, Emily D.-passed

School Community Council Trainings Review – most QH members have completed the CSD training session. Reminder to have items to be voted on posted on the agenda in advance. Also, digital voting on agenda items is authorized.

Emergency Drill – Lockdown drill was completed. Classroom emergency bags have been stocked and have updated information papers. Teachers have been asked to complete an earthquake drill in their classrooms.

Digital Citizenship Report – District training will resume after winter break. Continue monthly messages posted by the district. The QH STEM teacher has being doing digital citizenship lessons. These could possibly be done by the aide in the media center also. Melinda R. will make available some digital citizenship posters for the building. She will also give a link about digital tips to Mr. DeMill. Ideas may also be included in the family emails sent out by the school.

Fall Data Review – Every student in grades K-3 was tested in reading and math. Overall, there was a decrease in scores, which was anticipated after the soft closure of school last spring. Struggling students identified in grades 4-5 were given additional tests. Overall, there was a schoolwide drop in both language arts and math for these grades also

QH is on the district trimester system. November 1-8, students can register to change their learning option from online to in-person or parent guided for the trimester that begins November 23.

 Motion to adjourn 8:55 am by Cherie Sadowski, 2nd’ Melinda Rosevear.

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