Quail Hollow Elementary School Community Council

November 17,2020

Remote Locations

Members Present: Mr. DeMill, Mrs. Emily Decker, Ashley Anderson, Melinda Rosevear, Cherie Sadowski, Chelsea Morgan, and Pat Passey


Welcome – Ashley Anderson 7:50am

Approval of minutes from October 20, 2020; Motion: Chelsea; 2nd Cherie. Passed

QH 2020-21 Emergency Procedures document, School Safety Plan

Mr.DeMill is updating the maps and staff assignments before submitting our plan. The School Report Template questions were completed.

Digital Citizenship activities continue to be prepared by the Canyons District and will be distributed to the schools. Melinda Rosevear is preparing posters to put up in the halls at Quail Hollow. Students using devices from the school have district internet security measures in place. Kids using personal computers may not. Mr. DeMill will include digital citizenship ideas in his newsletters, giving parents resources to review. A good site for parents is childrenandscreens.org.

Other Items:  Term II enrollment – schoolwide sixteen students are returning to Quail Hollow, one student has chosen to move to online education. 5th grade has 6 students entering, so class loads will be about 24 per room. 4th grade has 4 students entering, putting classes at 24 per room. 3rd grade has 4 students entering making class size about 21. No students are entering 2nd grade. One child will enter 1st grade and one will enter kindergarten.

Quail Hollow now has a total of five intervention aides to assist teachers. At this time there are no volunteers/visitors allowed in the classrooms. Teacher stress has been reduced with the Friday remote learning schedule.

Coronavirus cases for QH still remain between 1-5, even though the number of students on quarantine appears disproportionately high. Mr. DeMill is not aware of any virus cases being spread at school, exposures have been happening outside of school time. A suggestion was proposed to see if parent volunteers could work remotely with students to practice math facts. Mr. DeMill will further investigate this possibility.

Quail Hollow now has a 1:1 ratio of students and Chromebooks in grades 1 -5. In the future we are hopeful of purchasing 60-70 more, to help kindergarten and replace malfunctioning devices.

Motion to adjourn at 8:55am by Pat, second by Cherie. Passed 

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