Quail Hollow School Community Council

March 16, 2021

Location: Quail Hollow Media Center

Members Present: Mr. DeMill, Mrs. Emily Decker, Ashley Anderson, Cherie Sadowski, Chelsea Morgan, and Pat Passey.  Excused: Melinda Rosevear


Welcome: Ashley Anderson, 7:55am

Approval of Minutes from February   Motion: Cherie S., 2nd Chelsea M.

Enrollment update for the third trimester: Twenty-five students moved from online to in-person classwork. Now, 2nd, 4th and 5th grades have about 25 students per room. The other grades are nearer 20 students in each class. Quail Hollow still has 54 students working from home either online or with parent supported education. These students will be included on class lists for fall. Canyons District is considering providing an online option for grades 3rd-5th in the fall of 2021. If this option becomes available, teacher and class list assignments may need to be modified.

The Walkway from our playground north to Cobblestone Dr. is being evaluated. Floyd, from Canyons District, is working with Sandy City. The SCC recommended a “Slow, School Crossing” sign to caution vehicles driving in the area.

The TSSP and Land Trust plan has been reviewed by Quail Hollow teachers and the school leadership team. Specifically, the School Climate goal was discussed. It was suggested that a brief video presentation be made available for parents interested in understanding the Restorative Practices program. The SCC expressed its support for the 2021-2022 goals as presented.

Adjustments to the school Covid Plans were discussed as the pandemic becomes less severe. Play zones assigned for recesses may be removed after spring break. The SCC agreed that year-end outdoor activities, walking field trips and sports competitions may be planned. The dance festival could be resumed and shared digitally. A 5th grade graduation activity may be considered. Also, some teacher appreciation activities can be held.

The Canyons District Board of Education will meet tonight. They may implement a “test to volunteer” procedure where adults could help with year-end activities if they can show proof of Covid vaccination or have a negative test result before the event.

Motion to adjourn at 8:45am by Pat P., 2nd Ashley A.



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