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Quail Hollow Elementary School Community Council January 11, 2023 Agenda

2. Minutes approved from the last meeting online.

3. Begin writing TSSP and LAND Trust plans for next school year.
1. TSSPwillbeworkedonbyschoolandgoals/directionsharedwithSCCforinput. 2. SCCwillwriteanddevelopLANDTrustplantoaddressoneormoregoalsfrom


4. Final report for previous year’s plan due to be submitted by principal to School Performance by end of January.

5. Assure SCC roster on website and state site is accurate, update weiler@canyonsdistrict.org and susan.edwards@canyonsdistrict.org with any changes.

6. Discuss Child Access Routing Plan (SNAP) and prepare recommendations. Due January 14th.

7. Review current year’s LAND Trust plan, data, and expenditures and review if on course or if amendments are necessary.

8. Discuss parent wellness night (January 31 at 6:30pm).

9. Subcommittee update for Teacher Recognition Program

Upcoming meetings scheduled for the year at 7:50 am on the following dates:

February 8

March 8

April 12

May 10

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