2625 East Newcastle Drive, Sandy, UT 84093

Quail Hollow School Community Council

February 8, 2023

Conference Room of Quail Hollow

Members present: Joshua Allen, Mike Sax, Breanne Coccimiglio, Elysia Forsgren, Samantha Avery, Cherie Sadowski, Samantha Madej, Betsy Crowther and Liza Edgell.


Welcome: Sam Avery 7:56 am

The minutes from the previous meeting in January were approved and available online.

The committee discussed the Wellness Night that occurred on January 31st. Feedback from council members who attended agreed the speakers did a great job providing awareness and discussion of recent trends of increased mental health needs within school-aged children. The content was appropriately aimed at parent’s as well as some content applicable to kids. There were 27 people in attendance and the event was recorded and made available online for those who could not attend. The speakers were given a time goal however the event ended ~30 minutes late. Some feedback included asking speakers to keep the messaging short and condensed with a focus on where to go for more information. The council will request the number of times the recorded video was watched to inform on how useful recording was to other parents. Consideration for next year included providing both a live- stream and recorded options to reach the maximum number of parents.

The council discussed the new Social-Emotional Learning curriculum, which is currently being piloted within the school. The staff indicated they are open to the curriculum but would like more support and training on how to use it effectively within the classroom. Teachers feedback is ongoing and several rounds have been completed already. Feedback from teachers is collected on each of the different modules. Training will be provided as part of the rollout of the curriculum in the next academic year. Individual teachers can opt-in to be part of the pilot to use the curriculum and provide feedback for the lessons. Not all teachers in a grade level have to opt-in to the pilot lessons.

Mr. DeMill shared the Principle Report on Winter data from benchmark testing for Reading and Math with the council. The council recognized and voiced appreciation for the effort provided by teachers to keep reading and math scores as high as possible through the challenges of the lasting pandemic impact and rollout of a new curriculum.

Reading Goal: Council members were reminded of the implementation of a new reading curriculum this year that may be impacting reading scores. The council was informed of a district wide decrease in the number of students meeting the benchmark goal in first grade. In addition, the mid-year test difficulty is increased compared to the beginning of the year which may also impact scores. Due to the change in curriculum, it is difficult to directly compare scores from this year to the scores of previous years. The Kindergarten-2nd grade scores are the below benchmark and may be impacted the most by the new curriculum. Grades 3-4 are either at or closer to benchmark.

Math Goal: The current math scores are on track with previous years. Grades 3 and above are at or beating the goal while Kindergarten-2nd grade are slightly below.

The council will begin writing the TSSP and LAND Trust plans for next school year. The TSSP will be shared with SCC for input. The LAND Trust Plan will continue to be developed including the proposal to dedicate funds to support potential needs next year including behavior support or additional reading support in the wake of the new reading curriculum which will be captured in the LAND Trust Plan.

The council reviewed the current LAND Trust Plan and did not recommend any amendments.

Reminders will be sent to parent to submit nominations for Teachers/Staff following Parent/Teacher conferences. Parents can submit nominations via the Google Form or can write in a nomination using the HERO box located in the front office. A recipient will be selected from the nominations and present after the end of the trimester.

Motion to adjourn: Mike Sax, seconded by Sam Avery, motion passed (9:07am)

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