Quail Hollow School Community Council

April 20, 2021

Remote Locations

Members Present: Mr. DeMill, Mrs. Emily Decker, Ashley Anderson, Melinda Rosevear, Cheri Sadowski, Chelsea Morgan and Pat Passey


Welcome: Ashley Anderson 7:50am

Approval of Minutes from March.  Motion: Cherie; 2nd Ashley; Passed

Mr. DeMill met with Floyd S., from the district, to discuss the walkway exiting from the playground north to Cobblestone Drive on April 15, 2021. Floyd will meet with a representative from Sandy City later this month.

Elections for the 2021-22 SCC will be held in August. Melinda R. and Pat P. will continue for the second year of their term. Chelsea M. will also continue to serve even though her child will move on to Albion Middle School. Cherie Sadowski and Ashley Anderson may volunteer to be candidates in the fall election. Emily Decker may continue to serve as the teacher representative, or a new one can be nominated by the teachers.

The TSSP and Land Trust plans for Quail Hollow will have minor editorial changes, then copies will be given to the SCC members.

It was suggested that students continue supplying their own headphones where possible. This makes them unique and easily identifiable, and it helps students be more responsible for their care. The school will purchase a few for supplementary use. Also, $500 will be requested from PTA funds for compost and garden mulch.

The meeting scheduled for May is tentative, depending on need. Motion to adjourn at 8:15am by Melinda; 2nd Emily; Passed

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