Free WiFi • Canyons Connects Families with Internet Access

Try imagining life without computers. Impossible, right? Technology has changed how we consume news and entertainment, make travel plans, stay in touch with our friends, shop, and even learn. 

Yet, a surprising number of Canyons District students — 10 to 15 percent — have no access to a computer or reliable Internet at home. 

As part of ongoing efforts to bridge the digital divide for students, Canyons is again partnering with the Comcast Corporation to cover monthly Internet connection costs for families in need. The program, coupled with investments to build Canyons’ stockpile of computing devices, aims to ensure all students — those learning online and inside the classroom — are equipped to succeed.

Applying for free WiFi through Comcast Essentials is easy. Here’s how:

  • Call your child’s school and ask for the person over Internet Essentials.
  • If you qualify for the program, the school will provide you with a sign-up code.
  • Call 844-963-0178 and provide Comcast with your sign-up code. You will also be asked to provide your home address and to choose if you want the WiFi equipment shipped to you, installed by a technician, or held for pickup at a local Xfinity location. 
  • The Internet subscription is valid through June 15, 2022.

Not all home addresses are eligible for Comcast connectivity. Our offer of subsidized WiFi is only available within Comcast’s service area.

CSD Superintendent Welcomes Questions, Feedback at Districtwide Listening Tour

Have a question about Canyons School District? Suggestions, concerns or compliments? Or maybe, after the months of social distancing that coincided with Dr. Rick Robins’ first year as CSD’s Superintendent, you’d like to meet him in person.

Coming soon to a middle school near you: community members will have a chance to do just that as Dr. Robins travels the District for his inaugural Superintendent’s Listening Tour.

Over the next few weeks, Dr. Robins will host five interactive community events to introduce himself, inform patrons about the state of the District, discuss Canyons’ COVID-19 response and recovery plans to support student learning and wellness, and invite community input as CSD undertakes a strategic planning process to review and enhance its mission and vision.

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Aim of CSD’s Data-Driven Back-to-School Plan is to Keep Schools Open, Safe

Canyons District will follow a comprehensive and evidence-driven Back-to-School Action Plan to maintain safe and welcoming learning environments in the 2021-2022 school year.

The aim of CSD’s strategic and layered approach, which is put into place as the global COVID-19 health crisis is addressed at local levels, is to safeguard student wellness while also ensuring that students are provided access to a high-quality education and related services.

To directly — but strategically — address wellness and academic issues, Canyons’ plan:

  • Follows state law and current health order;
  • Is based on the most-recent COVID-19 surveillance data provided by health officials;
  • Ramps up safety and health protocols if case counts increase in a school community;
  • Mirrors the cleaning and sanitation efforts of the previous school year;
  • Stresses the importance of keeping students in school and engaged in learning.

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