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Kindergarten Registration 2015-2016

It is important that we obtain an accurate list of all children qualifying for kindergarten in the Canyons School District for the 2015-2016 school year. If you have a child that will be five years of age on or before September 1, 2015, the child qualifies for next year’s kindergarten program. State law requires that all school districts in Utah abide by the same September 1st entrance cut-off date. You will be required, before enrollment, to bring the child’s immunization record, and a certified birth certificate (not a photocopy). 

If you know of a neighbor that has a qualifying kindergarten child, please share this information with them and tell them to call the school and register their kindergarten child.

Student Reports

Mark your calendars: The first I-CANyons student progress report of the school year will be issued the week of Nov. 17-21, 2014. This is a new student report, updated from last school year’s document to be more user-friendly based on feedback received from parents and teachers.  Parents can expect an I-CANyons progress report for Term 1 and Term 2, and an End-of-Year Summary issued after Term 3 to reflect your students' mastery of standards.

This upcoming I-CANyons Student Reports will communicate your student’s progress toward content mastery with a 3, 2 or 1:

  • 3: On Track at this Time - Student is on track to master this standard by the end of the school year.
  • 2: Progressing - Student is making progress toward meeting the standard at this time; sometimes demonstrating skills needed to meet standards, at other times showing a lack of understanding or ability to apply the concept or skills.
  • 1: Insufficient Progress - Student is showing risk of not mastering the standard by the end of the year and is receiving intervention support.

At the end of Term 3, the I-CANyons student reports will communicate your student’s mastery of content in the following ways:

  • 3M: Mastered – Student has mastered this standard.
  • 2NYM: Not Yet Mastered – Student has mastered some but not all of the skills necessary to consistently apply this standard to future learning.
  • 1NYM: Not Yet Mastered – Student will require on-going intervention to master this standard.

Details about the I-CANyons Student Report can be found on the Canyons District website, http://www.canyonsdistrict.org/student-reports.  Should you have additional questions, please contact your child's teacher or the school's office, or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

SAGE Results Coming Oct. 27: What Families Can Expect

In spring 2014, the State Board of Education required all Utah Students, beginning in the third grade, to take new state tests. The tests, called SAGE (Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence), were designed to measure more challenging state standards in mathematics, English language arts, and science. They are completely different from the CRTs. Therefore, SAGE and CRT results cannot be compared.

Statewide SAGE results will be released Monday, Oct. 27, 2014. These will include results for every school district and every school in the state.

At this point, the Utah State Office of Education is reporting that fewer than half of the Utah students tested are expected to score as proficient in English language arts, mathematics and science http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/mobile3/58310430-219/results-standards-percent-students.html.csp.

As always, we will prepare individual student reports to share with you in conferences later in the school year.  In the meantime, parents are urged to keep a few things in mind when interpreting these scores:

-       SAGE scores cannot be compared to the CRTs. The tests are different, and measure different standards, or expectations, for student achievement.

-       SAGE tests measure whether students are meeting the state’s higher expectations for college- and career-readiness.

-       When tests that measure higher standards are first introduced, test scores typically appear lower than what parents might be used to, the state reports. However, in many cases, the state reports that test scores gradually improve in the years thereafter http://schools.utah.gov/board/Meetings/Agenda/docs/Tab7.aspx. 

SAGE results will influence state school accountability reports. The State Office of Education has indicated that most Utah schools will receive D or F grades as a result of these more challenging standards. The State Board of Education will continue to discuss estimated results with members of the Utah Legislature. School grades are expected to be released to the public in December.

At this point, as is always the case with test scores, we recommend parents focus on a child’s individual achievement, celebrate successes, and set individual goals as appropriate for your child’s success.

More information and resources about the SAGE can be found at www.canyonsdistrict.org/sage

Parent Conferences and Report Cards

Parents and Guardians,

We are looking forward to seeing you at parent teacher conference. This year the parent teacher conferences will be held earlier than in years past.  Holding conferences earlier allows parents, students, and teachers the opportunity to discuss grade level expectations, how your child is doing in school, and how we can work together to ensure the best success for your child. You and your child’s teacher will complete a Student Education Plan (SEP).  The SEP is designed to outline goals for your child’s academic and social development and ways that we can work together to support your child throughout the school year.

Progress on your child’s SEP will be shown on your child’s report card.  Report cards will be disseminated the week after the first term ends, Nov 17-21. 

The report cards have been refined to be more informational and user-friendly, based on feedback from parents and teachers. You will be receiving additional information about the updated report card in the coming weeks. Additional report card information is available at the Canyons School District website under I-CANyons Report Card.