February 16, 2021

Remote Locations

Members Present: Mr.DeMill, Mrs. E. Decker, Ashley Anderson, Melinda Rosevear, Cherie Sadowski, and Pat Passey     Excused: Chelsea Morgan


Welcome: Ashley Anderson 7:50am

Approval of Minutes from January 19, 2021   Motion: Melinda, 2nd Cherie-Passed

SNAP Plan and Safe Walking Routes:  Mr. DeMill and several SCC members have observed, distributed flyers, and assisted to educate Quail Hollow and Albion students about where to safely cross Cobblestone Way when exiting the school playground to the north. About thirty-five QH students use that walkway, and two minor accidents have occurred there. Shad will talk to the District to see if Sandy City will come to review our concerns. Also, Pat helped Shad edit the Safe Walking Routes map, and reword the traffic instructions in the SNAP document.

Teacher-Student Success Plan and Land Trust Proposal:  Acadience Test Results for grades K-3, and the SRI Reading Inventory scores in language arts were reviewed from January 2021.  In some testing, online students’ scores were included. Overall, the reading/language arts scores were lower than previous years, though mid-year scores showed progress from the fall testing. We recognize that the Covid pandemic, and soft closure of all schools in March – June of 2020, are likely strong factors in the decline. Notably, the current first graders, who missed their final months of Kindergarten, are behind in reading. Attention will be given to them with intervention aides the remainder of this year, and in second grade. Testing in mathematics revealed more typical scores and progress for Quail Hollow students.

Quail Hollow receives about $60,000 from Land Trust money. It has been used to hire 4-5 intervention aides for language arts and 1-2 aides in mathematics. Their assignments can be adjusted during the year to meet the changing needs of students in the school for small group instruction. A small portion of the Land Trust money was used to purchase additional Chromebooks for students. The District goal is a 1:1 ratio of students to devices. Quail Hollow has almost achieved that mark. The District is also providing additional funds for technology.

Proposed goals for 2021-2022 were discussed in both language arts and mathematics and school climate.

Quail Hollow strives to provide a culturally rich climate where students learn to respect the diversity of others. Social skills programs including Restorative Practice, Circle Time, and the 2nd Step program, are available to help students understand their social-emotional feelings and learn appropriate ways to respond to them. The TSSP funds help support the school climate goal by making our school counselor full-time and supporting challenging behaviors.

It was noted that both SCC and PTA funds are low, and hopefully will be replenished in the fall when fundraisers are held.

Other Items: The majority of Quail Hollow staff has had the first vaccine for   Covid 19, and are scheduled for their second shot in a couple weeks.

Motion to adjourn by Cherie, 2nd Melinda, Passed  9:05am

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