5th Grade Science Fun!

"Reaction Time" from The Children's Museum came today and taught 5th graders about chemical and physical changes for their science core. Students had a lot of fun doing the experiments. Don't they look great in their science goggles??


Thank You U of U Football Players

Evan Moaei #18 (Tight End) and Chase Hansen #22 (Safety) visited Quail Hollow and talked with students about doing well in school, choosing to be drug free and make healthy choices. As a token to remind students to make good choices, Evan and Chase gave Quail Hollow a football that was signed by the Utah Football Team! Thank you!


Dr. MATH Visits 4th Graders

Our 4th graders had a visit from DR. MATH today helping them learn the importance of "OPERATIONS"
Quail Hollow Teachers are the BEST!