5th Grade Science Fun!

"Reaction Time" from The Children's Museum came today and taught 5th graders about chemical and physical changes for their science core. Students had a lot of fun doing the experiments. Don't they look great in their science goggles??


Thank You U of U Football Players

Evan Moaei #18 (Tight End) and Chase Hansen #22 (Safety) visited Quail Hollow and talked with students about doing well in school, choosing to be drug free and make healthy choices. As a token to remind students to make good choices, Evan and Chase gave Quail Hollow a football that was signed by the Utah Football Team! Thank you!


Dr. MATH Visits 4th Graders

Our 4th graders had a visit from DR. MATH today helping them learn the importance of "OPERATIONS"
Quail Hollow Teachers are the BEST!


SCC Elections Not Needed

Our Quail Hollow School Community Council (SCC) had three open seats for the 2016-17 school year. Candidacy declarations were due August 24, 2016. As of August 25, 2016 there were only three parents who declared their candidacy to be part of the SCC. Because there is an equal number of candidates as there are open seats we will not need to hold an election for the SCC this year. We express appreciation for all of our parental support at Quail Hollow.