Quail Hollow Fundraiser

Fundraiser .jpeg

Lets give a huge shout out to our Quail Hollow PTA members that organized the fundraising event.  Thanks to all parents and businesses who donated to help us reach our goal!  $25,125!!!!!!!  A special thank you to Mr. Demill for the stories he shared while sleeping on the roof of the school. 

5th Grade Nova program


The mission of N.O.V.A. is: "Nurturing youth to seek out positive Opportunities, internalize good Values, and to accept Accountability for their choices in life.  N.O.V.A. assists parents, families, and communities in protecting youth from the potentially devastating effects of illegal drugs, violence, and negative media exposure."



Each month your students will be participating in some sort of an emergency drill. This is in accordance with state law and Canyons District’s Emergency Response Plan. Throughout the year, we will practice lockdown and shelter-in-place drills, in addition to preparing for a host of other threats, from fires and earthquakes to hazardous materials. Elementary students participate in these drills at least once a month. Emergency drills are an opportunity to commit safety measures to memory and to reinforce roles and expectations for employees, students, parents, patrons and law-enforcement partners. During a fire evacuation drill, students are taught to follow the directions of a teacher or supervising adult in calmly exiting the building. Teachers are trained to grab a roll sheet, lead students to a predetermined evacuation location behind the school, take roll and account for students, and report any problems to administrators. Soon, families will be receiving in the mail a Think First postcard with information about our emergency drills. We encourage families to discuss this information at home, and thank you for your support in keeping our schools welcoming, secure and prepared.